Kapow Meggings are engineered with high performance fabric and 4-way stretch to supercharge your gym, fashion and festival style. Be brave. Be unboring.

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Take A Walk On The Wild Side.

Life isn’t meant to be boring! We believe in self expression, having fun, and standing out in a crowd. We started Kapow to empower men to wear what they want and live life with the confidence of a rock star.


Men's Tights & Leggings by Kapow Meggings

Meet your new favourite legwear. Kapow meggings are designed by men, for men. Whether you need  high-performance compression leggings for sport and fitness, or comfortable men’s fashion leggings to wear around the house, we’ve got you covered.

Made of premium spandex and polyester, Kapow leggings move with you. Deigned to fit like a second skin, our range of Originals Meggings are lightweight and breathable for free movement and maximum comfort. 

For durability, check out our Performance men's tights, which boast four-way stretch, super-tough stitching, and sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool no matter how hard you push yourself. The compression fabric helps stabilise muscles and increase blood flow, aiding in sports performance and recovery.

With flat seams and ergonomic waistbands,  these men's tights let you experience smooth movement and a full range of motion, ideal for any type of physical activity, including yoga, mountain running and contact sports. 

If you're looking for cutting-edge style that blurs the line between activewear and streetwear, check out our Supreme men's leggings which pair technical fabrics and hyperluxe trim with iconic sports styling. This is where athletic engineering meets rock star looks. 

Men’s leggings in the Performance Range and Supreme Range are equipped with two slimline hip pockets – a bounce-proof phone pocket which keeps your phone secure whether you’re running, lifting weights or BASE jumping, plus a zippered stash pocket for cards, keys and cash. 

Kapow Meggings are engineered specifically for guys. We’ve designed them with extra width & length around the waist and crotch. We also use high-stretch fabric with a smooth contour so your package will blend in with the shape of your waist. 

An integrated waistband and centre seam means you can wear them with or without shorts (and avoid the “underwear look”). A medium rise waist means they won’t pull down when you’re bending or squatting. 

Kapow stocks the biggest range of men’s leggings available online. We’re famous for vibrant colours and unique prints – from retro tie-dye to ferociously edgy shark motifs. Get a subtle look with solid colours and sport stripes, or go big with show-stoppers like our metallic leggings or men's festival leggings.  

If you're ready to take the plunge into a pair of leggings for men that fit like a second skin, look no further than Kapow men's fashion leggings.