Meggings = men’s leggings. Depending on which part of the world you’re in, they’re also called men’s tights.

We like to tackle this question head on as it’s a question we get a lot. Our meggings are specially engineered for men. We’ve designed them with extra width & length around the waist and crotch so they offer more room and comfort around your package. We also use high-stretch fabric with a smooth contour so your package will blend in with the shape of your waist. Unless you’re intentionally stuffing a football down there, your package won’t stand out from the crowd.

Your socks and shoes *wink.* But for real, there's no "right" underwear to wear with meggings – it comes down to personal preference. Athletes tend to prefer close-fitting briefs, some guys dig boxer briefs, and lots of dudes go commando. Do whatever feels comfortable!

They’re perfect for the gym, festivals, yoga, running, and taking your fashion to the next level. Supercharge your workout gear, add some swagger to your street style, and be the life of the mother-flipping party.

Hell no, son. Human beings are built for self-expression – we’re here to give risk takers and rule breakers the conversation starters they were born for. Men all over the world wear meggings to stand out from the crowd and attack life with the confidence of a rock star.

Aw yeah they do. Superstars like The Rock, Jared Leto, Kanye West, Tom Brady, Shia Labeouf, Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz, Cristiano Ronaldo, Idris Elba, Anthony Kiedis, and Steph Curry all rock meggings.

Kapow Meggings are engineered from premium high stretch polyester and spandex for comfort, durability, and free movement. They come in an epic range of wild designs and killer colours designed to get you noticed.

You become the most interesting person in the room. People will rush over for selfies and autographs. A guy in a suit will jump out of a helicopter to give an important medal. You will win at life.

You bet your sweet ass. The Kapow Originals range are a lightweight option great for stretching and movement, and the Kapow Performance range offers higher compression, more durable construction, and secure pockets for when you really need to get physical. Both ranges are designed to fit like a second skin and feature 4-way stretch and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The only styles to avoid for exercise are our metallic and holographic designs, due to the specialised printing process used to create their unique effects.

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Sure can. Contact us on info@kapowmeggings.com for quantities and pricing.

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Kapow Meggings have been specially tailored for the male body. We’ve tested on guys of all shapes and sizes all over the world. Check out our <SIZE CHART> to find the perfect fit for you.

Go for gold, amigo! Rocking your first pair of meggings is incredibly liberating, you’ll be astonished by the amount of confidence and enjoyment they bring not just you, but everyone around you. But hey, don’t listen to us. Check out how guys all over the world wear their meggings on the Kapow Instagram page.

We also offer FREE RETURNS AND EXCHANGES if you live in the USA or UK, so you can try a pair with the confidence that we offer a money back guarantee if you’d like to return them.