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Velvet Tiger Meggings

Ever wanted to embrace your inner wild child?

Style is an extension of the inner self, so it’s time to express that wonderfully wild side with the right kind of clobber that perfectly captures your untamed spirit.

We’re talking animal print leggings, hombre! Whether you’re strutting the streets, prowling a festival or getting up to any manner of stray cat shenanigans, the mix of sleek, savage style with sexy, stretchy comfort is just too damn irresistible. 

See, men’s fashion is finally embracing the timeless style of animal print, in the form of men’s printed leggings. And it’s about freaking time!

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Denim Jeans Meggings

They say that style  is temporary and class is permanent. Let that one sink in, friendo.

For example, take denim jeans. What other 19th century relic has stood the test of time quite like a pair of badass blue jeans? Dudes have been rocking them since way back when… from working men to movie stars like Dean, Brando and Swayze. 

But in an era where comfort is king, there’s a new rebel in town. It’s got the sex appeal and rugged charm of denim jeans, but with the kind of comfort that James Dean could only dream of. 

We’re talking men’s jeggings, baby.    

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How to Wear Men’s Leggings in 2024
PHOTO: @SMALLTOWNFASHION_BY_A / LEGGINGS PICTURED: GALACTICA MEGGINGS Not only do they fit like a second skin, men’s leggings also look cool as hell in so many different scenarios. So, rip up the rules and start getting creative. Here’s some divine...
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Eclipse Semi-Shine Meggings

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll have noticed that men’s tights are becoming a must-have item of clothing for so many guys – from the savage warrior running an ironman to the stylish dude in the street. It’s that blend of functionality and style that beats everything else hands down.

So let’s take a look at why YOU need a pair of these bad boys in your life!

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Kapow Founders' Favorite Gear
The Kapow founders, Ben and Jordan, share their favourite meggings & apparel for everyday wear. FOR LOUNGING AT HOME BEN: “When I’m at home I live in BLACK MAMBA HOLOGRAPHIC LEGGINGS, whether it’s pottering around the house or reading in...
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Here’s something you didn’t know: men’s leggings absolutely CRUSH IT at weddings.  We road tested some Kapows at an epic Bollywood wedding at a fortress in Rajasthan. This place was off the charts. Think drums, elephants, fireworks, desert sunsets, a...
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If there’s one thing meggings are bloody great for, it’s partying, and the undisputed king of good times is the Stag Party (known in America as a Bachelor Party, and in Australia as a Bucks Party). All you need is...
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Meet The Artist: Joseph Conrad-Ferm
Facebook / Instagram / FRG Objects & Design Get in touch at Joseph Conrad-Ferm is the uber-artist behind Kapow’s inaugural Artist Series – a range of men’s leggings inspired by real-life artworks created by epic individuals. This is one dude...
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Kapow Vs Marathon Running
Marathon runner Johann writes a review on his first time running in Kapow Meggings… So a few weeks back I saw a post on Facebook for some amazing looking leggings (excuse me, meggings) and I thought to myself, “I wonder...
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Kapow Vs Martial Arts
Martial Arts expert Chris takes us through his first time grappling in Kapow Meggings… Chris wore the Party Leopards during a two-and-half hour no-gi grappling class and found them to be… ‘rather good’ :) Overall they held up well. They didn't rip or...
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Kapow Vs Acrobatics
Acrobat Matthew takes us through his first time flying, contorting and being the most flexible man alive, all in Kapow Meggings… The only word I feel would accurately describe Kapow Meggings is genius!! As an acrobat, I need leggings that...
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Kapow Vs Festivals
Absolute party fiends Rich, Ben, Bianca, Mark and Kris take us on their epic journey of mayhem and destruction at Wilderness Festival (UK), all deck out in team 24 Carat Meggings… Hot diggggggety! We had a freekin blast at Wilderness,...
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