Fun Festival Outfits: 7 Looks Guys Should Try In 2024

7 Looks Guys Should Try In 2022

Firebird Megging (left), Interstellar Meggings (right)

Pictured: Firebird Megging (left), Interstellar Meggings (right)

Summer festival fashion is all about making a statement, buddy boy! 

The clothes you wear are an extension of that weird and wonderful soul of yours, and a festival is mos def the place to karate kick convention to the curb and get your funky freak on. 

So, with that in mind, get out there and wreak some beautiful havoc, my friend. Here’s our slammin’ guide to the very best ways to make a statement of intent, with the best head-turnin’ rule-burnin’ fashion to wear to festivals in 2024.

Colourful, High Shine or Velvet Meggings

When it comes to staying cool and comfortable and still looking like a boss, nothing can compete with festival leggings. Made from a high quality blend of synthetic materials, the best men’s fashion leggings feel like a second skin. Perfect for keeping all comfy, fresh and free from the stanky sweat that often plagues a summer festival.

With comfort covered, let’s talk style. Men’s festival pants come in a thousand and one mind blowing designs, with something to suit every taste. Wanna tap into that wild side? Tiger and Leopard print leggings are what you need.

Leggings shown: Velvet Tiger Meggings

Picture @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown: Velvet Tiger Meggings

Wanna hit the festival with some cosmic style? Gold metallic leggings or galaxy leggings are the way to go, my man. 

Go For A Layered Top or Leggings Beneath Ripped Jeans

Another way to bring some serious style? Layer up, layer up laddie! 

Get creative and play with different layers to create a seriously cool collage effect. Mix and match those crazy colours, patterns, fabrics and shapes to bring your own unique individual style to the party. Don’t forget, festival meggings look absolutely killer when paired with a layered shirt – go for some off the wall men’s funky pants with psychedelic colours and combine with different layers, or tone it down and go for that classic style, with some jet black leggings and a white layered shirt.

You can match your layered shirt with layers down below – men’s fun leggings look great beneath those dirty rock ‘n’ roll ripped festival jeans. Either way, leggings festival outfits are all about creating that overall look you feel hella comfortable with.   

Picture @shootwithdustin

Picture @shootwithdustin. 

Three Quarter Pants

Cropped pants – or ¾ lengths – are a sweet alternative to shorts. Casual enough for a festival and they keep you nice and cool during those hot summer festival days. So, flash that ankle like a 19th century man-about-town!

You can also go for ¾ length festival leggings to bring some serious style and next level comfort to your festival exploits. All your favourite festival meggings designs – from leopard print leggings and silver tights to men’s rainbow pants and funky tights – come in ¾ length format, to keep you nice and breezy when that summer sun does its thing.

Picture @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown: Rev X 3/4 Meggings

Picture @shootwithdustin. Leggings shown: Rev X 3/4 Meggings

Big Jackets

When winter comes a knockin’, give it the jackboot, man. Whether it’s a puffer, a denim jacket, trench coat, parker or a badass bomber, your jacket is about keeping you snug as a bug in a rug, with enough style to slay a herd of buffalo with a single raised eyebrow.

Plus, oversized jackets look f’ing epic when paired with your favourite pair of men’s fashion leggings. Guys wearing leggings and hardcore jackets look like they mean business – there’s a reason why burning of the man clothes combine the two. So, when the chill of the night comes in, throw on those thermal men’s fashion tights and your military-grade jacket and wow the pants off of ‘em, sunshine!   

Statement Headgear

Kapow Cap

Let’s get a-head of the game, shall we? Leggings festival outfits aren’t complete without the all-important statement headpiece.

There’s a million and one ways you could go with this one. There’s the funky vibe, with the oversized multicoloured furry hat – think Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, and don’t forget to pair with some similarly funky men’s pants.

Then there’s the old school style – we’re talking a classy bowler hat or top hat a’la Peaky Blinders or Boardwalk Empire. Then there’s out and out batshit crazy – a Daft Punk robot helmet, a giant panda head, Darth Vadar… hell, a Trump mask for that 2am mission of mischief when you’re looking to shake things up.

Then again, it doesn’t have to make a big statement. Go for your favourite festival hat and pair with your go-to rock ‘n’ roll shirt and let your epic rock festival meggings do the talking!

Scarves or Bandanas

When it comes to rock festival outfits, a bandana or a scarf works a ruddy charm. Go for the Axl Rose in his prime look, with a stars and stripes bandana, a ripped rock ‘n’ roll t-shirt and some jet black leggings, rounded off with some badass DMs.

Better yet, rock the old school All American outlaw look and wear the bandana loosely round your neck. Or round your wrist. Basically, channel your inner James Dean and wear it with style. 

classic and timeless biker meggings

Then there’s the classic and timeless biker look. A bandana up top, lots of leather and lots of chains. Wear some bright men’s coloured leggings under your ripped jeans to bring a little twist on this most classic of rock festival outfits.

When it comes to scarves, go bohemian dude or dapper duke – drape it round your neck and complement your elegant outfit in style. Pair with Kapow’s Acid Jazz meggings for some smokin’ style.   

Go For Camo

Camo… for blending in when you’re in the wilderness and for standing out when you’re at a festival. Whether it’s a pair of Stealth Camo festival meggings, big ol’ camo boots or a stylish military jacket, men’s camo leggings are the perfect festival fashion that never goes out of style.

A little like leopard print, it’s a good way to cut loose, unleash that wild side and rock that radical style.