What the Best Thing to Wear Under Men’s Leggings?

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Meggings are made for pretty much any occasion, no matter if you’re working out, out on the town, or chilling at home. Men’s leggings are the real deal. 

No other apparel gives you this kind of comfort, fit and style while wearing anything else.

Okay, okay… I hear ya… tell me something I don’t know, right? We all know men’s leggings are here to stay. The REAL burning question is… what should guys wear under leggings?



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Looking for a straightforward answer, ain’t cha? Well, sorry boss. There ain’t one.

Ultimately, it all comes down to whatever floats your boat. Need a little guidance to find out what to wear under your men’s leggings? Well, pay attention buddy boy… there’s learning to be had.

6 Types of Underwear to Wear Under Men’s Leggings


Okay, let’s keep this brief shall we? The comfy, classic, reliable and easy choice for those who want a simple life, ‘tighty whities’ are right up there with the best underwear for men’s leggings.

You’ll have minimal visibility of the underwear line and, unlike with big flappy boxers, they don’t ride up and cause chaos around your crotch. Plus, they are more affordable and available than some of the specialist items on this list. If you’re looking for the best thing to wear under leggings for light workouts and everyday use, men’s briefs are the way to go.



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A Jockstrap

The go-to option for many many athletes in America – from weekend warriors all the way through to the pros – jockstraps bring next-level support, especially under performance leggings during intense fitness and workout sessions and high-impact sports and activities.

With your junk safely stowed in the trunk, you’ll also enjoy the fact that jockstraps are lighter and more seamless than briefs – there’ll be nothing to see but the sheer style of those sweet, sweet meggings… yeee haww!  

Go Commando

Go Commando

Beyond comfort and support, wearing a jock under tights can bring some much needed protection. If you’re putting the boys at risk with some crazy ass activity, do them a solid and strap on a jock!

Going Commando

Some like to keep the boys in the barracks. Others like to go rogue. 

What to wear under tights? How about what not to wear under tights, daddio? Because for those freedom lovin’, rule-breakin’, soul-shakin’ sons of anarchy out there, the only way to go is full on commando.

No seam lines, more breathability and more of that free-flowing-feeling you just can’t get when you strap a fella down. You might feel a rubbin’ on your nubbin’, particularly if you’re unsheathed, so clearly going commando ain’t for everyone. And if you're free-balling in thin leggings you might have some modesty issues – or throw some shorts on top.

Finally, let’s talk about downtown funk. Underwear traps sweat close to the body. Trapped sweat causes stank. No underwear means no trapped sweat, and let’s your high quality odour-resistant meggings to the work. Booooom! 

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A Thong

Why do you wear underwear under tights that ain’t comfortable, bro? Forget about those piss poor panties and invest in something that offers support and comfort, without visibility lines beneath your men’s leggings. 

Yes, that’s right… a thong.

“I ain’t wearing no freakin’ banana hammock,” we hear you say, But wait, hear us out on this one. Men are finally catching up with the ladies when it comes to the sheer brilliance of the thong. 

Thongs for men are comfortable, lightweight and supportive. They even enhance your package. Performance-wise they offer the kind of breathability and freedom of movement that you just can’t get from other types of underwear. 

Lots of guys don’t vibe with the feel. But trust us, you can’t go wrong with a thong.

Dance Belt

Dance Belt

A Dance Belt

Ever seen those gravity-defying male dancers and wondered how they’re not jingle-jangling all over the place? Two words, hombre. Dance belt.

Designed specifically for those who’ve got to, have to, need to dance, dance belts are serious athletic support wear. Although they can be a bit bulky and aren’t quite as lightweight as a thong, for instance, they are pretty much second to none when it comes to providing comfort, support and freedom of movement.

The thing is, they’ve traditionally only been worn by dancers. Until recently, that is. More dudes are getting on board, whether it’s for yoga, gymnastics or any other kind of athletic performance. If you’re a serious mover and groover in need of specialised athletic support underwear, a dance belt might be your choice for the best underwear for men’s leggings.



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Boxer Briefs

Another classic option, boxer briefs blend the best of both worlds to bring stability and support along with that sense of downtown freedom that we all crave. Unlike specialist gear for your gear, you don’t have to break the bank for boxer briefs. If you’re a casual leggings man, and comfort and affordability are top of your list of priorities, these could be the best option.

Keep in mind, boxer briefs may show a seam line under thinner leggings. You can always choose leggings made from thicker fabric or wear a long t-shirt over your meggings.

Kapow Boxers

Kapow Boxers


What should men wear under leggings?

If you’re wearing them casually, briefs or boxer briefs are the way to go. Or you could even go commando!

For performance, go for a jockstrap or a dance belt. For all round support and comfort, whether lounging or kicking-ass out in the world, a men’s thong is hard to beat.

Do you wear underwear under running leggings or exercise tights?

Depends. The best men’s running tights are breathable and sweat-wicking, meaning no underwear can actually be less hassle.

However, we recommend wearing briefs, boxer briefs, a thong or a jockstrap, for superior support.

What should you definitely not wear under men’s leggings?

Loose cotton boxers. It’s time to let them go man.

Oh, and a ladies’ G-string. Unless you like that kind of thing.