Here Are 15 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Compression Leggings

Here Are 15 Reasons You Should Be Wearing Compression Leggings

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a yoga master looking for zen-level comfort or an iron-pumping weekend warrior looking for high performance wear, men’s compression leggings are going to maximise your experience.

Need convincing? Here are 15 reasons why compression leggings are now the essential item of clothing for the best distance runners, wrestlers, weightlifters, mountain climbers, yogis and all-round high-performance badasses the world over.

  1. Better Performance
  2. Greater Endurance
  3. Improved Muscle Support
  4. Minimise DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  5. Increased Proprioception: The Sixth Sense
  6. Maximum Flex
  7. Moisture-Wicking Tech Keeps You Cool
  8. Say Goodbye To Chafing
  9. All-Weather Comfort
  10. Crotch Friendly
  11. No More Irritations
  12. Own The Night With Reflectivity
  13. Get Shorty
  14. Bounce-Proof Phone Pockets
  15. Style To Burn

1. Reach Peak Performance

Ever worked out in a pair of baggy cotton jogging pants? Stop. That’s ok for a once-a-year-workout Larry Layabout, but you’re gonna need something that raises the bar. Kapow’s performance range of men’s leggings are constructed from a blend of high-grade spandex and polyester for mid-level compression that stabilizes your muscles, taking your performance to the next level.

Kapow’s performance range of men’s leggings

2. Maximise Endurance

Not only are you gonna look cool AF slipping on a pair of men’s compression leggings, these bad boys are gonna take you further. Compression tights for men are tailor-made to aid blood circulation, meaning you’ll be pushing yourself beyond your normal limits. More oxygen in the blood means more energy during those crazy workout sessions, with quicker recovery meaning you’ll be ripped in no time.

Man running wearing Compression tights

PICTURE CREDIT: @running_on_franzbroetchen on Instagram

3. Better muscle support

Whether you’re racking up the miles on a long distance run or crushing it in the gym, your  hamstrings, quads and glutes are gonna need all the help they can get. Men’s compression leggings are made to deliver sports-grade support to your muscles, helping them get ripped and shredded without getting… well... ripped and shredded. 

Men’s compression leggings

PICTURE CREDIT: @california_thor on on Instagram

4. Reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) 

Ever felt stiff first thing in the morning? I’m not talking about pitching a duvet tent, I’m talking about the dreaded DOMS. Delayed onset muscle soreness will make you wake up feeling like an old man. The solution? No, not a zimmer frame to help you get around, but a slick pair of compression leggings to support your muscles, improve oxygen flow and help them recover faster and more effectively.

Man wearing slick pair of compression leggings on the gym

5. Proprioception: The Sixth Sense

Proprioception may sound like a fancy fitness buzzword, but it’s a massive concept when it comes to workout wear. It’s sometimes called ‘the sixth sense’ and basically comes down to improving your awareness of your body as you’re moving, and the increased agility and dexterity that can be gained from this. Imagine the feeling of wearing a cheap pair of Walmart leggings. Now imagine wearing a pair of 4-way stretch, super-slick men’s workout leggings that slip on like a second skin. It’s like the difference between feeling like an amateur and a high performance pro.

Man wearing a pair of 4-way stretch, super-slick men’s workout leggings

6. Maximum Flex

If you’re straining to touch your toes, you need flexibility – both in your body and in your workout wear. You can blame it on your age, or you can invest in the right lightweight materials that will maximise flexibility and ensure smooth movement. 

Man doing a split while wearing kapow meggings

7. Sweat-wicking Tech Keeps You Cool 


Few things in life are worse than a sweaty crotch on a hot day. Keep your mind on your workout with high performance men’s compression leggings. Kapow’s custom fabric is made with sweat wicking technology for amazing breathability, to keep you cool, calm and collected when the going gets tough.    

8. No More Chafing

Here’s the rub. When your leggings are cheap, your manhood and your thighs are gonna suffer. No one likes the chafe, so invest in some performance meggings for amazing abrasion protection, and make sure you’re pushing through the right kind of pain.

man doing yoga while wearing performance meggings

9. All-Weather Comfort 

Now you can wear your favorite workout gear all year round. Quality workout leggings are made with high-tech compression fabric, meaning they’re breathable and insulated, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. So, whether you’re crushing it in the gym in summer or road running in winter, you’re covered. 

Man on a hike wearing Kapow meggings

10. Crotch Friendly 

When you’re working out, the last thing you want is your junk bouncing around like a kangaroo on a trampoline. Compression leggings are tailor-made to keep your junk firmly in the trunk, while not feeling too tight or restrictive. 

man in a crotch position wearing Compression Meggings

PICTURE CREDIT: @frommmark on Instagram

11. No More irritations

We’ve all experienced those irritations that drive you crazy during a workout. No, not the guy in the mankini doing lunges in front of the mirror. I’m talking ill-fitting workout wear. Kapow’s performance range is so comfortable and free from snags, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a second skin. No irritations – not even minor ones – will keep your mind 100% focused.

Man rock climbing wearing Kapow’s performance range meggings


12. Own The Night With Hyper-Reflective

Being seen during the day is great. Being seen at night is essential. As anyone who’s not living underneath a rock will know, there’s a bit of tension around nowadays – especially on the roads. Drivers can be a little reckless and a little sloppy. So, if you’re a night runner, visibility is key. 

Kapow’s Sonic Boom leggings will keep you lit all night long, with hyper-reflective speedlines specially designed to help you stand out during those nocturnal jaunts.

Man wearing Kapow’s Sonic Boom leggings

13. Get Shorty

If you’re one of those dudes who doesn’t feel completely comfortable wearing men’s workout leggings in the gym, ease yourself in and throw some shorts over the top. Wear compression leggings under a pair of shorts and you can’t go wrong, on both comfort and style fronts.

Man wear compression leggings under a pair of shorts

14. Bounce-Proof Phone Pockets

Ain’t nobody got time for your smart phone to be banging against your leg when you’re put for a run or hitting the gym. Kapow’s range of men’s performance tights come with dual pockets designed with accessories in mind – a bounce-proof pocket that holds your phone snug against your leg, and a secure zip pocket for keys and cash.

Kapow’s range of men’s performance tight

15. Style To Burn

What else is there to say? Men’s workout leggings look cool AF. If it’s good enough for Hollywood Superstar The Rock, it’s good enough for you! 

Men’s workout leggings


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