Indian Parkour Athlete Wears Men's Leggings For The First Time

Indian Parkour Athlete Wears Men's Leggings For The First Time

Men's leggings aren't a thing in India. It's a pretty conservative society, and that extends to the way men dress… but not everyone plays by the rules.

Meet Ayan, a street athlete and member of the Kolkata Parkour club. What’s Parkour you ask? It’s batshit insane street acrobatics where dudes flip off things and jump between balconies and generally act like Spider-man on steroids.

Indian parkour athlete doing front flip in kapow meggings

Parkour is pretty much made for rocking men’s leggings but it was difficult for Ayan to get a pair because of social customs and the cost of buying western goods.

ayan from kolkata parkour skipping on rooftop mens leggings

What happens next is one of those bloody great stories that makes you glad to be alive.

A long-time Kapow customer and meggings fan by the name of Terry S. ordered a pair of Kapow Meggings for his buddy and shipped them to the subcontinent.

This is Ayan's reaction on trying them for the first time...


You know what they say…. you never forget you first time.

Follow Ayan on Instagram at @ayn_das. 

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kapow originals range of mens leggings for yoga running fitness

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