Kapow Founders' Favorite Gear

Kapow Founders' Favorite Gear

The Kapow founders, Ben and Jordan, share their favourite meggings & apparel for everyday wear.


BEN: “When I’m at home I live in BLACK MAMBA HOLOGRAPHIC LEGGINGS, whether it’s pottering around the house or reading in the recliner (whisky optional). They’re crazy comfortable and the 4-way stretch is insane, I wear these bad boys instead of sweat pants. The fabric is amazing, it’s really lightweight and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, and the holo-glitter finish injects a bit of disco into isolation life when we're not allowed to socialise like we normally would.”


BEN:  “I do a bunch of cliff jogs and trail runs around Sydney, there’s always a place to jump in the ocean for a swim when you’ve worked up a sweat. My go-to bottoms are the QUICK DRY ACTION SHORTS, they’ve got a built-in liner so you don’t need to wear an extra layer of underwear or Speedos. They’re made from lightweight swim short material and dry super fast so I don't feel wet or bogged down when I hit the trail again. I pair ‘em with the AEROMESH TANK TOP – it’s extra durable, weighs next to nothing and keeps you cool all day, urr day. ADDED BONUS: we’ve designed the Kapow logos to line up so the tank + shorts look like a matched set. 


JORDAN: “I try and get out for an afternoon walk most days, but with winter starting to settle in down here in the southern hemisphere I’m having to ‘rug-up’ a bit. I like our SUPREME RANGE for this. They’re a heavier fabric, so are not only higher compression, but offer more protection and warmth. My current go-to are our SONIC BOOM MEGGINGS with hyper-reflective speedlines. They’ve got awesome shine when light reflects off them, great for night-time activity. I also get a lot of compliments on these when I’m rolling around the neighbourhood!”


JORDAN: “ Without being able to get to the gym it’s been a home-workouts bonanza for me. Yoga, stretch routines, and an intense video series called Insanity (extremely tough, be warned!). My go to range for workouts is the PERFORMANCE RANGE. Below I’m wearing one of our newer designs, MARTIAL LAW PERFORMANCE MEGGINGS (sold out). These guys are midweight-compression but super light and great for working up a sweat with maximum breathability. They’re a perfect balance of comfort and kickass.”