Kapow Vs Martial Arts

Kapow Vs Martial Arts

Martial Arts expert Chris takes us through his first time grappling in Kapow Meggings…

Chris wore the Party Leopards during a two-and-half hour no-gi grappling class and found them to be… ‘rather good’ :)

Overall they held up well. They didn't rip or show signs of tearing at the seams despite being given the full "rolling about on the floor" treatment. Fit wise, they were slightly looser than he expected as he is used as compression spats. If they were to be compared against compression leggings they don’t grip as tight to the skin, but that's just a minor comment, they held up well.

The one other piece of feedback is under strenuous pulling the waistband can slip down a bit, but then again these aren’t compression leggings so take that comment with a grain of salt.

Here's a video too so you can see them in action!


Chris is going to continue wearing them at grappling class…