If there’s one thing meggings are bloody great for, it’s partying, and the undisputed king of good times is the Stag Party (known in America as a Bachelor Party, and in Australia as a Bucks Party).

Kapow Meggings Stag Party Photojournal

All you need is a groom, a bunch of mates, and a weekend away. (Optional extras include  ageing strippers, iIlicit substances, a terrified prospective father-in-law, hospital visits, and a suitcase filled with bail money.)

We sent the Kapow photographer along to two epic stag parties to see how dudes on opposite sides of the world rock bachelor parties in meggings.

Sydney, Australia

The first job was to get everyone kitted out in a selection of the wildest men’s festival leggings. The buck got 24 Carat metallic gold meggings so he was visible at all times. 

When men get drunk, they get nude. Nobody knows why, it just happens. Maybe ask an anthropologist.

Activities included backyard cricket, drinking games, and throwing tennis balls at anyone with their back turned.

It’s important to take the group photo early on before people start passing out or going missing.

When it gets cold someone needs to build a fire while everyone else stands around offering handy tips but doing nothing to help.

Nobody remembered marshmallows. Someone tried toasting a tennis ball but it was terrible.

Drinks were served in red frat party cups because that’s just what you do. Guys wearing the same meggings tend to become drinking buddies, like these two Party Leopards.

BONUS ACTIVITY: take a photo of your mate in an abandoned scout hall at midnight. Why? Who knows but it sure is creepy.

Hvar, Croatia

If you’re going to party near the water Merman Men's Leggings are the only choice.

Unless you like to be different, in which case wear a wrestling belt and some Party Leopards.

Meggings get a ton of attention wherever they go. The boys used this to their advantage to attract some local talent...

… who all wanted to party with the Mermen. #WIN

After 50,000 Heinekens things get a little lairy.

Nobody owned up to bringing the inflatable banana but we’re pretty sure it was Gary.

Of course, if you DON’T want to have a good time on a bucks party, try wearing chinos. They're a good safe bet. Nobody gets wild in chinos.