Here’s something you didn’t know: men’s leggings absolutely CRUSH IT at weddings. 

We road tested some Kapows at an epic Bollywood wedding at a fortress in Rajasthan.

This place was off the charts. Think drums, elephants, fireworks, desert sunsets, a riot of color, a shitload of cocktails, and a boatload of good times…. AKAthe perfect place to rock the kasbah in a pair of Kapows.

The desert fortress looked like something out of Star Wars.

Flash mobs of drummers roamed around starting parties. These bad boys are toe-tapping, thigh-slapping dance machines.

Day One was formal, so we road tested the Bronze Warriors from the Kapow Supreme Range in all black urrthang spiked with gold.

On Day Two everyone cut sick. It was time to go full Bollywood, so we kitted up in shiny silver Jake The Snakes. These leggings for men are designed for mega comfort and maximum showboating. 

After sitting oddly far apart to discuss the plan of attack (including emergency rendezvous point in case of excessive butter chicken consumption)....

The boyz got their pride stride on with some hot laps around camp:

Before disaster struck. It seems someone didn’t get the memo about matching outfits.

It’s always good to get a crew photo before the drinking begins and people start losing shoes and falling in pools.

Sometimes we took a breather for a moment of quiet self-reflection dedicated to deciding when is the right time to switch to tequila.

Then it was time for the main event, which ruined weddings for us forever because how can you top this. Also Timmy got hit by a firework but it only nicked him and now he’s got a cool story to tell.

The next morning some Caleb woke up in a lounge chair outside his tent and discovered he’d stolen quite a lot of shoes. Turns out he has a thing for kitten heels. 

(FUN FACT: those are the same portable desert tents Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra had at their blowout Hollywood wedding at a palace in Jodhpur.)

The post-wedding hangovers were so bad we can’t even tell you – ever had the dry horrors in a desert? – but lawdy was it worth the trip. 


Tux + 

Leg brace + 

Meggings + 

Babe on the arm 


German model @maik_kaiser classes things up in a pair of Sabres from the Supreme Range.

Check out our boy on the left in black tie rounded out with a pair of Silver Bullet Metallic Leggings, boom!

And finally…. here’s a photoshopped stock image. Whee!