The Guide To Buying Meggings – Choosing The Right Size And Fit

 Guys wearing Kapow Meggings


Do men wear leggings? You’re damn right they do. And they can look badass while wearing them.


But you ain’t buying a pair of socks here, compadre. Before you buy, you need to get clued up. Size, comfort, materials, waist height, how to wash and dry these bad boys… there’s learnin’ to be done.


So, here’s the lowdown on how to buy and own a pair of men’s leggings like a champ instead of like a chump.

Shoot For Comfort All The Way

You might look like a sub-zero cool, superfly mo-fo. But if you ain’t comfy as a king, it don’t mean a thing. Whether you’re running a Spartan race, getting zen in a field or lounging on the sofa, nab a quality brand of male leggings – dime store duds won’t do.


Working out? Go with a secure fit, breathable 4-way stretch fabric with sweat wicking. Gettin’ wild at a festival? Go for a looser fit – crease lines on metallic or holographic tights just add to the coolness. Whatever you’re doing, comfort is key.

How To Buy The Right Size

Despite what your first girlfriend told you, size does matter. Leggings are made of super stretch material and are supposed to fit nice and tight. But you don’t wanna end up looking like a walrus squeezed into a condom (try getting that image out of your head). 


A good brand will have a sizing chart, so stick to your normal numbers. If you like that high compression extra tight fit, go a size down. If you wanna sound like a chipmunk on helium, hell… get the smallest size possible. These days, we all need to laugh more anyways.

Ball Talk

Shown: Blizzard compression shorts

Shown: Blizzard compression shorts

Can guys wear women’s leggings? Yep. But they ain’t designed with balls in mind like meggings are, with either a pouch design or front seam for a contoured look. So, if you want to wear something tailor-made for dudes, leggings for men are where it’s at.


Don’t go for second-rate 99 cent store schleggings, unless you wanna be just another sweaty-balled chump fumbling with his crotch. Be good to your balls and invest in a quality brand of meggings. Your boys will thank you for getting some Kapows. We’re just saying. 


For us, the pouch design looks a little too much like you’re wearing your tighty whities. So, our leggings are front seamed for a natural look. This means that, unless you're stuffing a football down there, your package won’t stand out from the crowd. We’ve also given you a little extra space around the waist and crotch for added comfort. Your balls are gonna feel like they’re being cupped by a velvet-gloved angel.

It’s All About The Fabric

Leggings shown: Acid Jazz Originals Meggings

Instagram: @themaxwellalexander / Leggings shown: Acid Jazz Originals Meggings

Good meggings have serious stretch and are made to last. Some are a nylon/spandex blend, which are perfect for solid colors, or a polyester/spandex blend, which are great for prints and laminates. These blends are stretchier than a Slinky and last longer than your grandad’s stories.


Others are 100% polyester – less stretch and durability but good for big bright prints. Unless you’ve got a PhD in fabricology from the University of Meggingsworth, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. But your best bet? Go for the blend.

Waist Height Is A Personal Preference

Leggings shown: Carbon Fibre Performance Leggings / Blizzard Compression Shorts

Leggings shown: Carbon Fibre Performance Leggings / Blizzard Compression Shorts

Waist height is a biggie and totally depends on the situation. Mid-risers are great for workouts, especially when bending and squatting – there’s nothing worse than the dreaded ‘butt pull’ and you’ll get none of that with midrisers. 


Can guys wear women’s leggings that suck in the gut or feel nice and snug around the midsection? No need. Men’s high risers are what you need. Then again, maybe you’re strutting around on the street or frolocking at a festival – in which case low-risers might be best. It’s all about personal preference – whatever floats your boat amigo! 

Long Or Short?

Instagram: / Leggings shown: Frenzy Performance Leggings

Instagram: / Leggings shown: Frenzy Performance Leggings

Most of the time, you’ll want to be wearing them long. The best ones will keep you toasty in winter, but with breathable materials you won’t be sweatin’ buckets in the summertime. If, like a 19th century poontease, you wanna show some ankle, ¾ lengths are what you need. Or you could just roll up the long ones to feel the breeze.


If long ones aren’t your bag, get shorty and slap on some compression shorts for that light and breezy feel.

Thick Or Thin Material?

Leggings Shown: Touchdown Performance Leggings

Leggings Shown: Touchdown Performance Leggings

If you’re a summer runner or a crazy cat who likes to run in the midday sun, it won’t be fun unless you’ve got some breathable, lightweights. Summer meggings in thinner fabrics – around 190–230 gsm – are for you.


For arctic warriors braving the winter cold, get insulated – around 250–300gsm thick compression pants will do. Hit up the manufacturers for those measurements if you’re not sure. As always, go with a good brand and you’ll get good advice and customer service. Go with some cheap ass Charlies and you’ll get a boot up the ass and a “sorry, not sorry.”

Men’s Leggings Come With Pockets!

Meggings with pocket

Can guys wear leggings when running and still take stuff with them? Well, remember those days of going for a run with your phone bouncing around in your sweatpants pocket? Or tucking your keys in your socks? Those days are long gone my friend. 


Aside from being super cool and comfy AF, the best leggings for men are designed by people who know all about these irritations and will stand for them no more! Kapow’s pocket leggings keep your valuables secure with bounce proof pockets that fit any smartphone size and an easy-stash pocket with waterproof zip for keys. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Tights

Instagram: @zenontap

Instagram: @zenontap

If you invest in a quality pair of men’s leggings, you’re gonna need to treat them with care. These ain’t no two-bit tights from you know. 


Hand wash or wash on a gentle cycle with a drop of detergent, then hang dry in the shade. This way, your sweet ass pants are gonna last the distance. 

How To Store Meggings

Instagram: @florian_pohl

Instagram: @florian_pohl

Don’t scrunch them up and stash ‘em at the back of your drawer like a dirty ‘80s porno mag. Display these bad boys with pride – hang ‘em up free and easy, and you’ll be stylin’ them for years to come.

We Got Your Back



Ever get a refund rejection that started with “Dear valued customer, we regret to inform you that…”? Get the fu*k outta town! Those dopes don’t value you nor the cheap threads they’re peddling. 


Get your goods from a brand with a proper returns policy. Like us. Kapow gives its customers free returns or exchanges in the UK or USA. So, if something ain’t right, we’ve got your back. Simple.


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