Men’s Leggings: Where Versatility Meets Style

Eclipse Semi-Shine Meggings

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll have noticed that men’s tights are becoming a must-have item of clothing for so many guys – from the savage warrior running an ironman to the stylish dude in the street. It’s that blend of functionality and style that beats everything else hands down.

So let’s take a look at why YOU need a pair of these bad boys in your life!

Eclipse Semi-Shine Meggings

Pictured: Eclipse Semi-Shine Meggings

Wait. What are Meggings and Why are they the new Must Haves for Men?

Well, while the ladies have been lovin’ life in their cool fashion leggings and compression clothing, us fellas have been missing out. Secretly, we’ve wanted to slip on a pair of comfy-ass leggings that feel like a sexy second skin.

But society said no.

Well, here’s two fingers up to that. Because now’s the time to cut loose and old ideas die in the dust. A new era of men’s fashion is upon us. One where men’s sports tights take performers past their limits, where men’s yoga leggings help yogis find new realms of comfort and where men’s fashion leggings bring a new dimension of style to the streets. 

Still not convinced? Let’s dive head first into the detail of why tights for men kick ass in every conceivable way.

Tights For Men: So Much Functionality

From hamstrings that feel like they’re being hugged by the gods to balls that feel like they’re being cupped by a velvet-gloved angel… wearing men’s leggings is an experience like no other. Let’s take a peep at specific functions of wearing sports tights for men, compression workout leggings and men’s fashion leggings.   

Warmth and comfort 

Tired of feeling freezing cold during those early morning runs? Compression clothing is made from high-tech fabric that’s breathable and insulated, so you can stay warm and toasty in the winter, without sweating it up like a chump in the summer. 

Whatever you’re wearing, comfort is key. With men’s tights, comfort is front and center. Special sweat wicking technology keeps you nice and dry – no dreaded sweaty crotch wearing these fellas. Meanwhile, the durable spandex/nylon material slips onto your legs like a second skin, with flat seams that keep everything irritation free.

Let’s talk chafing. Ain’t nothing worse than thigh rubbing. With quality men’s gym leggings are built to be chafe free, so that you’re training till it hurts – in the right areas.  

 Velocity Compression-X Meggings

Pictured: Velocity Compression-X Meggings

Better Muscle Support 

Specifically designed with your muscles in mind, compression workout leggings deliver sports-grade muscle support, help you crush it in the gym and smash your PB times when out running. It’s not just the physical aspect – less injuries, improved blood flow for extra endurance –  but your muscles feel stronger and larger. 

Whether it’s a crazy workout session, sprint training, an intense yoga session, a mammoth hike or a cycling odyssey, good support for your hammie, glutes, calves and quads is an absolute must. Just sayin’.  

Improved Recovery 

You ever felt that crazy muscle-soreness the day after an intense workout, run or cycle? That’s DOMS, my man. Delayed onset muscle soreness won’t hit you like it used to when wearing a good pair of men’s gym leggings or workout compression shorts.   

Enhanced Performance  

Can you imagine Lebron James flying round the court with a pair of baggy-ass sweatpants? Nope. That’s because the guy’s a pro and demands the kind of kit that’s gonna take his shizzle to the next level.

Likewise, if you’re a sportsman, you’re gonna need something that raises your game. Men’s sports tights that are built for performance help you go higher, faster and stronger for longer. No half-measures, only full on beast mode performance. 


You can’t have cat-like flexibility without the right workout wear. Quality men’s gym pants give you the freedom of movement to flex with the best of them, with no fear of rips. So, if you’re still struggling to touch your toes, you can blame it on your age or the boogie… just do yourself a favor and invest in some proper flexible tights for men.  

Pictured Acid Jazz Meggings

Photo: @yogi_a.lo⁠ on Instagram / Pictured: Acid Jazz Meggings

How to Wear Men’s Leggings With Style? 

So, we’re all agreed that “men can’t wear leggings” is nothing but jibba-jabba.

Okay… now’s the time to go forth and express yourself. Here’s some tips on how to unleash your inner badass and wear men’s fashion leggings like a boss. 

Street style

The streets are a place where you dare to be different. So go all out, with mixed up colors and accessories paired with jet black fashion leggings and multicolored sneakers. Or, throw on a black tank top and wear some animal print tights for men. Whatever you do, wear it with a swagger and forget the rules. Be whoever the hell you wanna be.   

Keep it simple

Let’s get back to basics. Simple colors and plain cuts, for some classic style. Mix up black and white – so plain white tee with some slick black leggings. Or go black top and white leggings, or branch out with some subtle pastel colors. Either way, class is permanent, whether you’re at the gym, on the street or living it up at a festival.

Dress to impress

Leggings aren’t just for workouts or the streets. Get your outfit right and you can bring some fresh elegance to the table. If you’re heading out on the town for the evening, slip on some jet black leggings, a slim black jacket, cool white shirt and a skinny black tie. Then top it off with a classic top hat and stylish sneakers. You’ll be turnin’ heads all night, son!

24 Carat Gold Metallic Meggings

Photo: @benji.kickz⁠ on Instagram / Pictured: 24 Carat Gold Metallic Meggings

Be a one-tone wonder

Nothing owns a room like an amazing monotone outfit. Think shocking pink leggings with a pink leather jacket and pink boots. Or go for gold and get studded up head to toe. Or instead, go one-tone red, or even blue. Whatever the hell you do, strut the streets like you own them and have fun expressing your inner wild man!

Where to Wear Meggings?

Whether you opt for a perfect all-rounder, or you invest in a pair for every occasion, here are the spots where you should be rocking your men’s leggings.

At the gym

There’s no place for dull workout wear in this day and age. So, ditch these shabby old sweatpants and get some men’s gym leggings – supreme comfort, enhanced performance, high-grade construction, with serious style to boot. 

At a festival

There ain’t no better place to rock men’s leggings than a festival! The best place to shrug loose those inhibitions and throw up a big festive middle finger to conformity, festivals are all about cutting loose while getting wild and wonderful.

Jake The Snake Silver Snakeskin Meggings

Pictured: Jake The Snake Silver Snakeskin Meggings


When it comes to getting out into the great outdoors and exploring your outer limits, nothing keeps those legs going like compression-grade men’s sports tights. Wherever it’s running, hiking, climbing, kayaking or mother-flippin’ base-jumping… slip on your second skin and get out there my man!