The Yoga Teacher

The Yoga Teacher

NAME: Benn Rasmussen
OCCUPATION: Teach Yoga Full-Time
LIVES: New York, NY, USA
INSTAGRAM: @BennRasmussen
FACEBOOK: @bennrasmussenyoga


I grew up in rural Wisconsin as the fourth of six kids with a divorced parents, mostly a single mother. My siblings and I raised one another and we always found ways to get into adventures and go exploring. As a gay man, I always knew I was different and sought out experiences larger than the ones that were present in small towns. I began to explore larger cities and received a BFA in modern dance that led me to yoga and to New York City. I think I have always had a teacher's sensibility, helping others and taking in the teachings, synthesizing and sharing them with others. I think my mother was a huge influence on me, with 6 kids running around, she could only be with each of us for limited amounts of time. Her parenting style has informed my teaching style. Clear and direct with firm boundaries, enough space to explore on your own and find your own experiences and support, encouragement and love to find new ways of being with yourself.  At this point, I'm grateful and happy with where my life has led me. Teaching is my passion and my purpose and I'm honored my work is to help others on their journey. Now, it’s about enriching my path with more opportunities to share the yoga teachings with others, through travel, more community outreach and online platforms.


I recently went through a challenging break-up that left me feeling quite raw and vulnerable. I am blessed that I have my yoga and meditation teachings with me. They helped me to sit with my feelings and the experiences of change and uncertainty and I was able to stay in those moments as a way to become strong through vulnerability and heartbreak. My personal character has been quite steady my whole life, but through this time, I've reaffirmed my convictions and my strength comes from these deeper, more vulnerable and powerful spaces. The other part of this time is that I've really truly looked in on my inner world and encountered some difficult elements that I would may have avoided. Yet in the openness I was able to see them and heal some ancient patterns. I feel more free and enabled to live more courageously.


I am part fire and part water, my energy is layered and my presence moves from calm and deep to powerful and energizing. I am both the observer and instigator and this often draws people in through trust and then empowers them to be passionate and daring themselves. I've been called the "quiet storm" and my classes are sneaky in how much you will work in the simplest of moments.


My style is influenced by my active lifestyle, where function, comfort and simplicity are valued.  I also live in New York, so there is a sophistication and elegance that is wrapped into the look.  Usually my whole look is built on base layers that compliment one another and then are highlighted by a few signature stand out pieces that steal the show. I go for solid colors, smooth textures and clothes that fit close to my body, like a second skin.


I have this thick silver ring from Nepal that I've been honored to have for over 18 years. I wear it on my right ring finger and it has a dragon wrapped around it. To me, the ring symbolizes integrity, since the dragon is a full circle connected to itself. It is my daily reminder to maintain and support my integrity through my actions, my words and my thoughts.


Always choose love


I love the Jake The Snake silver ones!