Get Groovy: Best Disco Outfit Ideas for Men Who Love Meggings

Get Groovy: Best Disco Outfit Ideas for Men Who Love Meggings

24 Carat Men’s Metallic Leggings

24 Carat Men’s Metallic Leggings pictured

Ah, the seventies. When fashion was front and centre and fellas dressed with flair and fearlessness. Okay, it was also the decade of dodgy cars, terrible wallpaper and dubious facial hair.

But let’s turn a blind eye to badness and focus on some good time disco, baby! Cos, when you break it all down, disco was and is a call to cut loose and get wild, to leave tomorrow out of sight and out of mind, and to totally lose yourself in the moment.

Which fits like a sexy velvet glove with the carefree spirit of meggings. So, let’s take a gander at some of the best party leggings outfits and classic disco ensembles that are guaranteed to tear it up on any dancefloor.    

Jake The Snake Men’s Metallic Leggings

Jake The Snake Men’s Metallic Leggings pictured

Wear your best disco meggings!

Things can get a little heated on that dance floor. Your disco balls better be able to breathe, or else you’re gonna be getting some serious crotch sweat on the go. Which is pretty much the quickest way to clear a dance floor.

So, invest in the best! Party leggings outfits don’t need to be a knock-off Nigel or discount Dave special. Get some quality breathable leggings, with four-way stretch to withstand those killer dance moves.

And, listen… we all know it wasn’t just money that was tight in the 70s. 


You want your leggings to have that slinky second skin feel. But let’s not go too tight, eh? Make sure you check out the sizing chart and get the right fit.

Unless you’re going for that chipmunk on helium vibe. In which case, crack on buddy boy!

Make sure the colours match

A lot of 70s fashion is about making the curtains match the drapes, baby. That means one tone from head to toe, mo’fo!

If you’re all about razzlin’ and dazzlin’, go for the gold fella! Ain’t nothing turning heads like a pair of 24 Carat Meggings paired with a fitted gold shirt.   

Nab yourself a deep V neck black velvet top, or a slim-fit black velvet shirt. Then break out the Velvet Elvis leggings for some serious midnight disco vibes. 

Velvet Elvis Men’s Velvet Leggings

Velvet Elvis Men’s Velvet Leggings pictured

Blaze a trail

When in doubt, go for the blazer!

Put a twist on the classic blazer/jeans combo and pair your finest, most downright stylish blazer with some hella-cool leggings. Go for the one tone win with a pair of men’s blue tights and a bitchin’ blue blazer. Or get wild and wonderful with some kickass animal print leggings and a tiger print blazer, with a classic white or black undershirt to break things up a little.

Put on your boogie shoes

Wild thing, I . . . think I love you. But I wanna know for sure. So, if you’re gonna take a walk on the wildside with the tiger print leggings and blazer combo, you gotta go for the gusto and finish off the outfit with tiger print disco shoes.

You wanna go more classic disco? Fix yourself up with the iconic white three piece suit from Saturday Night Fever (with white legging, natch), then slip into those signature black platforms and get down like Travolta on the floor of Studio 54!

Source Instagram. Beetlejuice Men’s Leggings

Source: Instagram. Beetlejuice Men’s Leggings pictured

Source Instagram. Black Mamba Holographic Men’s Leggings pictured.

Source: Instagram. Black Mamba Holographic Men’s Leggings pictured

Glasses, hats, ties… accessorise! 

Whether you’re rocking the shiny pants, men’s neon tights or rainbow leggings, a killer outfit needs some sweet accessories. Try an outfit based around black leather leggings, or add 70s shades, a funky hat and a big ol’ medallion to your groovy getup. 

If you’ve got the chest hair, take advantage, you beautiful hairy bastard! Gold medallion, unbuttoned shirt, shiny pants, men’s platform shoes… job’s a good'un. 

Less is more

When it comes to balls out bonkers party leggings outfits, there’s a temptation to go full Muppet-mode Elton John.


But still, there’s something to be said for keeping it classy. 

You wanna be a sophisticat? Go subtle and tasteful with simple colours and just one or two accessories. Pair a plain black tee with shiny black leggings. Then offset the outfit with some silver accessories.

Or go for men’s blue tights with a burnt orange shirt or tank top. When you bring it all back down to just one colour, or two complementary colours, you’re gonna be rocking some serious disco style. 

Bust out the dance moves!

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

We know you hear that music! Once you’ve got the outfit, bring those moves to the floor and get down with your funky self.

Whether it’s the YMCA in men’s neon tights, the robot in gold metallic leggings, the funky chicken in big badass rainbow leggings or the moonwalk in shiny black leggings, bring those old school disco moves, get all loosey goosey, let time stand still and dance.

Just dance.


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